Joe Hart On Being Kicked Out Of Tottenham By Nuno


Hamish Woodward

Joe Hart On Being Kicked Out Of Tottenham By Nuno

Joe Hart on leaving Tottenham Hotspur: “I was committed, I had another year at Spurs I wanted to do it. Nuno [Espirito Santo] came in a couple weeks later & called me in.

“It was some side office, with the sporting director & he says; ‘I’ll speak first, just to be clear I’m signing someone, a third goalkeeper. Let’s be absolutely clear, whatever happens you won’t kick a ball.’

“I said; ‘Out of interest, you were a goalkeeper… apparently… why has it come to this? Why can I not even be back-up to first choice?

“He said; ‘In my opinion, we all reach a point in our career when the body doesn’t allow you to play football. We’re at it now, I would not feel comfortable with you playing one minute for me. You’re too old, the ball’s too quick, you’re not moving, you’ve got no strength.

“He literally buried me & I’m laughing because whether I’m deluded or not, I don’t agree with any of that. I looked at the sporting director, he went; ‘erm err’. Yeah pretty awkward isn’t it.”

Joe moved to Celtic FC and has kept 23 clean sheets in 46 games in all competitions, including an Old Firm win, Nuno was sacked 3 months later…

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